B.IRD offer

Drying in minutes

B.IRD reduces drying times for bulk materials to sensational dimensions. In just 2 to 8 minutes, plastic pellets are dried to the desired residual moisture. Conventional air dryers usually need 3 to 8 hours to achieve this.

Drying only what is needed

B.IRD dries continuously. The rotary drum technology with the fast drying effects allows inline process control, without intermediate storage or holding of the material in hoppers and silos. Only what is really to be processed is dried, down to the single pellet. Therefore, overdrying is no longer an issue. A quantum leap in material efficiency.

Energy savings

B.IRD delivers energy savings of 20 to 60 percent and more compared to conventional processes, with the same drying performance. The entire process is taken into account, including all additional energies. Among other things, there is no need for the generation or preparation of desiccants, drying air, vacuum and the like.

Reliable technology

The B.IRD units are manufactured in Germany to the high standards customary here. The proprietary control system is constantly being further developed and is, of course, equipped with OPC-UA interface.